ROADMs & Wavelength Management

Twin Flexband 1xN WSS

II-VI Gen-2 LightFlow™ Twin WSS II-VI’s Twin 1xN WSS series is tailored for the next-gen coherent LH/metro network applications. It is powered by the Gen-2 LightFlow™ switch engine, featuring Flexband capability at 12.5GHz granularity, yet bundled in II-VI’s standard packaging footprint with compatible electrical and software interfaces. This provides NEMs with increased flexibility, improved spectral efficiency, lower overall component and development costs, and shorter time to market.

II-VI’s Twin 1xN WSS series also inherits the key characteristics from II-VI’s widely deployed standard WSS products, such as the high reliability and low power consumption, while featuring improved performance and doubled switching functionality and still maintaining the same compact module size.

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