ROADMs & Wavelength Management

Tunable Mux/DeMux (TMX)

A cost-effective solution for colorless add/drop II-VI's Tunable Mux/DeMux (TMX) modules offer hitless wavelength tunability and remote configurability of up to 96 wavelengths at a 50GHz channel spacing, ideally designed for colorless Mux or DeMux applications.

The 1xN TMX product line shares the proprietary liquid crystal (LC)-based LightFlow™ technology platform with II-VI's WSS product series. As with other LightFlow™ solutions, TMX modules have no moving parts and extremely low power consumption, providing high reliability, long lifetime, and Telcordia compliance. Currently, N is optimized at 16 to achieve the lowest cost/port ratio. It is designed to be drop-in compatible with II-VI's WSS modules, both in footprint and firmware, to minimize the cost and engineering efforts for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs).

II-VI's TMX provides an easy and cost-effective upgrade to next generation features on existing ROADM network infrastructures. Its scalable architecture enables a pay-as-you-grow business model for carriers and service providers.


  • TMX 1x16

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