ROADMs & Wavelength Management

High Resolution Optical Channel Monitor - FOCM Series


Featuring unprecedented resolution, power and frequency accuracy, the High Resolution Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) by II-VI offers optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) performance in an ultra-compact, cost effective optical networking component.

Through proprietary and patented coherent detection and sub-GHz wavelength accuracy, II-VI's OCM features highly accurate power monitoring of fine spectral slices independent of adjacent channel power and without the need for de-convolution, making it ideal for next generation WDM networks comprised of densely packed super-channel carriers.

Coupled with rapid scanning and powerful advanced processing of spectral characteristics, such as valid channel detection, center wavelength and OSNR monitoring, it enables precise network tuning during dynamic network actions and reliable long-term operation.

The High Resolution OCM represents the latest addition to II-VI’s industry leading ROADM and wavelength management portfolio, offering unparalleled value to system and network providers through complementary innovations.


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