ROADMs & Wavelength Management

50GHz 1xN WSS

50GHz Wavelength Selective Switch High performance with integrated functionalities in a small footprint

II-VI's series of Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) modules with 50GHz channel spacing provide dynamic and independent switching of up to 96 wavelengths. We have designed the 50GHz line of WSS to be drop in compatible with our 100GHz WSS line. In the Nx1 switch configuration the WSS can direct any wavelength from any one of the N colorless input ports to the common output port. In the 1xN configuration the WSS can direct any of the wavelengths from the common port to any of the N output ports. Modules are available where the configuration, 1xN or Nx1, is field selectable, and all wavelength's can be independently switched, attenuated and/or blocked.

The WSS module offers high performance with integrated functionalities in a small footprint, remote configurability via embedded firmware and software, scalability, and extremely low power consumption. The WSS can be used for dynamic wavelength routing for optical path protection, reconfigurable add-drop (ROADM), and optical cross connect (OXC) applications. The WSS module can also be used as 1xN device for optical drop application.

Based on our proprietary LightFlow™ technology, the WSS module features low insertion loss, wide dynamic range, high channel counts, low polarization dependent loss and exceptionally low power consumption. As with all of the LightFlow™ solutions, there are no moving parts, providing high reliability, long lifetime, and Telcordia compliance.


  • WSS-C50G-9x1/1x9: 50 GHz compact 10 port Add/Drop module
  • WSS-C50G-8x1/1x8: 50 GHz compact 9 port Add/Drop module
  • WSS-C50G-4x1/1x4: 50 GHz compact 5 port Add/Drop module
  • WSS-C50G-2x1/1x2: 50 GHz compact 3 port Add/Drop module
  • Higher Port Count modules are also available

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