Optical Transceivers

EPON Stick (EPON SFP-ONU), PX10, Extended Temp, supporting CTC or DPoE OAM Optical Transceiver


Form Factor:

EPON sticks (FTEN2115P1NUN-BC and FTEN2215P1CUN-BC) are SFP optical transceivers with a built-in 1G EPON ONU. They comply with IEEE802.3ah EPON standard and support CTC OAM. Digital diagnostics functions are available via the 2-wire serial bus specified in the SFP MSA. FTEN2x15P1xUN-BC EPON sticks are compatible with the Small Form Factor Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) and interoperable with standard-compliant EPON OLTs. 

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