Optical Transceivers

Compact Endurance® 125Mb/s to 10Gb/s 550m Optical Transceiver for Military and Industrial Applications


Form Factor:
Endurance Compact Transceivers

Endurance® is a family of compact transceiver modules designed to be rugged and robust so they are optimal for industrial and military applications. They have a wide operating temperature range, a metal housing to minimize effects of Electro-Magnetic Interference, two through-hole mounting posts to stabilize under shock and vibration conditions, and the pins are soldered directly to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to ensure constant connectivity. Endurance modules are available with conformal coating for additional reliability in harsh environments. They have been qualified to Telcordia and Military standards.

The simple serial interface is independent of protocol and can thus be used in a wide range of applications. Digital diagnostic functions for monitoring and control of the module are provided via a 2-wire serial interface.

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