Optical Instrumentation

WaveShaper® 16000A Reconfigurable Optical Processor

The WaveShaper 16000A Reconfigurable Optical Processor is a programmable wavelength-selective MxN optical filter with control of filter shape and phase on each input/output port combination. The instrument has a total number of 20 optical ports. These can be configured by software commands to 1 x 19, 4 x 16, 8 x 12 or 10 x 10. All these port combinations work bi-directional, therefore also 19 x 1, 16 x 4 and 12 x 8 are included. Covering the entire C-band, the WaveShaper 16000A combines precise control of filter wavelength, bandwidth, shape and phase with the ability to switch and combine multiple signals in an “Add” or “Drop” configuration. The WaveShaper 16000A in a 1x16 configuration also supports power splitting, broadcasting and the ability to create programmable interferometers.

The WaveShaper 16000A allows arbitrary channel control and switching with high granularity. It has been designed for research and development applications in the advanced optical networking space. It provides key functions which are critical in the areas of elastic and space division multiplexed optical networks as well as software defined optical networking and OFDM.

The WaveShaper 16000 is programmable with user defined filter shapes either through the WaveManager Application Suite which serves as Graphical User Interface (GUI) or through the Application Programming Interface (API).

Operating the WaveShaper 16000 in a 4 x 16, 8 x 12 or 10 x 10 configuration is in terms of functionality equivalent to cascading two 1 x N WaveShapers back to back. For example, the 4 x 16 configuration is similar to operating a 4 x 1 WaveShaper and a 1 x 16 WaveShaper back to back. In order to prevent wavelength contention, the signals entering the WaveShaper through the different input ports should not spectrally overlap (one specific wavelength is only used at one input port - other ports receive different wavelengths). Both, the GUI and the API ensure that only those filter functions are accepted which do not lead to wavelength contention issues.

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