Optical Instrumentation

WaveShaper® 1000A Programmable Optical Filter

The WaveShaper 1000A Programmable Optical Filter supports arbitrary user-generated channel and filter shapes. Various models are available which cover the entire range from the S- to the extended L-band. The bandwidth can be set from 10 GHz up to more than 5 THz with 1 GHz increments for the standard C- or L-band version of the 1000A. The X version - which covers C+L band – and the S-band and the extended L-band versions support filter bandwidths from 20 GHz to about 9 THz.  The required filter shape (both amplitude and phase) can be generated by the user and then loaded into the WaveManager software, which translates the user specification into the required optical shape. Band-stop and optical comb filters are also supported as is optical power control over a range of more than 35 dB for all filter types. All these filters are equipped with standard single-mode fibers.

In addition a family of WaveShaper 1000A Programmable Single Polarization Filters is available. These come with Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fibers. Further details on these units are available here.

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