Optical Instrumentation

WaveAnalyzer 1500S High-Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The WaveAnalyzerTM 1500S is an Optical Spectrum Analyzer offering very high spectral resolution in combination with a fast update rate of 4 measurements per second across the entire C- or L-band or 10 Hz across any 200 GHz window.  The operating principle is based on coherent detection using a fast scanning laser.  In addition to being very compact, the WaveAnalyzer 1500S is rugged and robust as the measurement core does not contain moving parts.

The instrument is controlled by a Windows based computer using either the Graphical User Interface or the Application Programmers Interface (API).

A sample measurement of a 10G PRBS signal is displayed in the graph below.  It shows the high resolution trace of the WaveAnalyzer in comparison to a standard grating based OSA, which offers a 0.01nm resolution bandwidth.  The WaveAnalyzer trace is a single scan measurement with picometer resolution, obtained in about 0.25s without averaging.


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