Flextune™ Wavelength Self-Tuning

What is Flextune™?

Flextune™ is a wavelength self-tuning feature embedded in certain Finisar tunable DWDM optical transceivers. Flextune™ makes it easy to use DWDM since it eliminates the need for technicians to track fibers or carry extra equipment to program the wavelength of each module during their deployment. Modules are truly “Plug and Play” since no host intervention is required. Finisar is the only transceiver vendor to offer this advanced patented feature.


Up to 96 wavelength-tunable transceivers in a DWDM network will automatically configure their wavelengths within ~5 minutes without any input from field technicians or the host network equipment. 

Benefits of Wavelength-Tunable DWDM Transceivers with Flextune™

  • Only a single transceiver SKU is needed to support the full C-band (instead of 40 or 96)
  • The required inventory for sparing is significantly reduced
  • Our Flextune™ self-tuning capability significantly decreases operational expenses – It saves hours during deployment by reducing complexity and eliminating the need to track fibers

How Does Flextune Work? 

  1. The near-end transmitter (Tx) scans through available ITU wavelengths to find a matching Mux port
  2. Once the near-end Tx wavelength matches the Mux port, the signal travels through the network to the far-end receiver (Rx)
  3. The far-end transmitter will then start a special scan through the available ITU wavelengths
  4. Once the transceivers have matched, a ‘handshake’ occurs which locks the wavelengths of both transceivers
  5. Watch the presentation below or please click here for a more detailed explanation of Flextune™ and its benefits 

Duplex T-SFP+

Bidi T-SFP+

The Flextune feature is available in Finisar’s Duplex T-SFP+ and Bidi T-SFP+ transceivers. 


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