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100 GHz Single High-speed Photodetector


High-Speed Detectors and Receivers

The XPDV412xR comprises an optimized 100GHz waveguide-integrated photodiode, which shows an extremely flat frequency response in both, power and phase. The on-chip integrated bias network with an optimized RF design in particular, ensures an undisturbed frequency response from DC to the 3dB cut-off frequency and saves costs for internal bias-tees. The non-hermetic module is especially designed for optimal RF performance; therefore the pulse response reveals virtually no ringing. A further advantage of the waveguide structure is the unbeatable high-power behavior. The photodetector shows a linear response up to an optical input power of 10dBm. An output voltage swing of more than 0.5Vpp can be achieved for short pulses without any degradation of the pulse response. Each photodetector module is characterized in the frequency domain by using a heterodyne technique. In the time domain, a femto-second pulse source and a 70GHz sampling oscilloscope are used to measure the pulse response. The product is also offered as a more cost efficient 90GHz version.

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