Communication Components

50 GHz DWDM Single High-speed Photodetector


High-Speed Detectors and Receivers

The XPDV photodetector consists of a well-established, waveguide-integrated single photodiode chip, designed to exhibit an optimized frequency response in both power and phase. Due to experienced RF packaging, the pulse response shows almost no ringing. Our integrated on-chip spot size converter leads to a high responsivity and ensures reliability and robustness of the XPDV. An advantage of the waveguide structure is the unsurpassed high-power behavior with linear response up to an optical input power of 10 dBm. For short pulses, an output voltage swing of more than 1 Vpp can be achieved without any degradation of the pulse response. XPDVs contain a unique on-chip integrated bias network and ensure undisturbed frequency response from DC to the 3 dB cut-off frequency.

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