Communication Components

50 GHz High-Power Photodetector


High-Speed Detectors and Receivers

The HPDV is a compact module that is based on an advanced waveguide photodetector chip integrated with a Bias-Tee. The HP-PD utilizes a mode-converting tapered waveguide for efficient fiber-to-chip coupling and a 1×4 Multi-Mode Interference (MMI) Coupler. The optical signal is split by the MMI coupler into 4 equal parts and then it is fed into an array of 4 photodiodes which are connected in-parallel. It has a responsivity of 0.52 A/W at 1550 nm and a high saturation photocurrent of 35 mA at 20 GHz. The HP-PD is capable of delivering 6 dBm RF output power at 20 GHz and 3 dBm at 50 GHz. The device exhibits a high linearity with typical OIP3 values above 20 dBm at a frequency of 40 GHz.

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