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43 GHz Balanced High-speed Photodetector


High-Speed Detectors and Receivers

The BPDV2120R consists of two optimized 43GHz, waveguide-integrated photodiodes on a single chip, which show an extremely flat frequency response, both in power and in phase. II-VI's on-chip integrated bias network with an optimized RF-design ensures an undisturbed frequency response from DC to the 3dB cut-off frequency and saves costs for an external bias-tee. The hermetic module is especially designed for use in the optical window at 1550nm and optimal RF-performance. The pulse response reveals virtually no ringing. It is best suited for Test & Measurement or Microwave photonics applications up to 35GHz. A further advantage of the waveguide structure is the unbeatable high power behavior. The photodetector shows a linear response up to an optical input power of 10dBm.

Tailored configurations are available, such as BPDV dual pair -and quad sets, including connector customization and fiber matching to enable coherent detection.

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