Active Optical Cables

SFPwire® 25G Ethernet SFP+ Active Optical Cable with Connectivity Diagnostics®


The SFPwire® AOC is a family of next-generation active optical cables specifically for use between SFP+ ports.  Based on II-VI's vertically integrated VCSEL array technology and designed with SFP+ connectors, the SFPwire® AOC is lighter and more flexible than comparable copper SFP+ direct attach cables (DACs).  The primary application is inter-rack and intra-rack connections within a data center environment.

The FCCG125SD1Cxx features the Connectivity Diagnostics® suite of tools, which helps data center technicians quickly and intuitively find specific modules in a sea of sockets using a visual indicator. LynkFind™ allows an operator to light up the pull-tab of the module at the far-end of a link by pressing the pull-tab of the near-end module. LynkGuardian™ lights up the modules at both ends of a link when either module experiences a fault. LynkCommander™ allows a network operations center to light up a module for easy identification on the data center floor. Together, these patented tools bring the intelligence normally available through data center monitoring software to a simple and intuitive visual indicator. The benefits to the data center operator enable faster installation and maintenance, easier troubleshooting, and simplified operations.

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