Active Optical Cables

Quadwire® 4x14G (56G) Infiniband FDR QSFP Active Optical Cable


Quadwire Active Optical Cable image

The 56G Quadwire® AOC is a 56 Gb/s parallel active optical cable for storage, data, and high-performance computing interconnectivity. The Quadwire® AOC transmits error-free parallel 4x14 Gb/s data over multimode fiber (MMF) ribbon cables. Based on II-VI's vertically integrated VCSEL array technology and designed with QSFP MSA-compliant high-density connectors, this cable is compact, lightweight, and low power. The Quadwire® AOC is ideally suited for datacenter reaches up to 100 meters for InfiniBand FDR, 16x Fibre Channel and other datacom and high-performance computing applications.

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